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Mikhaila Doroshenko (Vatutina) str.
≈ 722 000 ₴
Заявленная стоимость:
19 000 $

Bila Tserkva city

Holiday House
2 1 Square: 90 m² | 50 m² | 7 Hundredth
Продаю чудову дачу в житловому масиві залізничного селища. Будинок цегляний та добудований із шлакоблоків. Є окремий санвузол (без сантехнічного устаткування). Велика кухня та три окремі кімнати. Внутрішнє оздоблення будинку потребує завершення робіт.
Вікна м. пластикові.
Є світло, скважина та септик. Без газопостачання.
Двір огорожено, має два входи. Збудований гараж, дровниця, хоз. приміщення.

До центру міста 15 хв пішки.
  • 8 020 ₴/m² 06.06.2023
АН "Династия"
Sukhoyarskaya str.
7 000 ₴

Bila Tserkva city

1 0 Square: 15 m² | 12 m² | 3 Hundredth
Продам дачу на сухому Яру, дерев'яний будиночок, світло, полив 2 ва рази на тиждень в дачний сезон, земельна ділянка приватизована 3 сотки. Рівна, близько до маршруток. Ціна: 7000 дол. сша.
  • 467 ₴/m² 27.04.2023
АН "Версаль"
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Buy or Sell a Country House in Bila Tserkva

Ukrainian real estate portal Orbita23.com, section Sale of Country Houses in Bila Tserkva.

Dacha, a country house is not only a place for recreation or living away from the city noise, but also investing money. A dwelling house, an elite cottage, a cottage in a guarded garden partnership, a summer house, a rural frame, an apartment in a townhouse or duplex - all this can become an object of sale and purchase in the suburban real estate market.

Before you start selling, you need to determine the value of your dacha or country house. Each country house is individual, but there are a number of criteria that are important for determining the price. The main are the location and characteristics of the object itself: remoteness from the Bila Tserkva (direction and distance), city district, nearest settlement, house and plot area, property quality, year of construction, wear percentage, availability of communications. For example, you can select several ads for the sale of summer cottages in the same area of ​​the Bila Tserkva with similar characteristics on the Orbita23.com. Real estate portal. Regardless of whether you are selling a "ready" villa or it is in one of the construction stages, make it "affordable": organize a convenient access to your house, build a safe and dry path. Make your site clean: remove construction and any other garbage, unnecessary furniture, your personal belongings, clean up beds, beds and garden trees. You can leave some furniture or accessories if they make your dacha cozier: garden furniture, home flowers or modern kitchen (you can include them in the price, sell them in addition or leave as a bonus). After you compose an ad with a full description, think about who the potential buyer of your property is - the location of the information about the sale depends on this. The most effective will be accommodation in online real estate databases, for example, on the Real Estate Portal Orbita23.com™.

Rent a Real Estate in Bila Tserkva

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The Real Estate in Bila Tserkva

Buying a holiday home. A few years ago, a country house was considered a luxury, a privilege for wealthy people and an option exclusively for recreation. Today, a country house or cottage is a full-fledged real estate, where you can live in summer or all year round. And if you want to rent. The main advantages of suburban life - proximity to nature and the opportunity to have more spacious housing convenient for you planning. But, having decided to buy a dacha, you have, of course, weighed all the pros and cons and can proceed directly to the selection process.

Probably, you have already decided on the specific amount that you are willing to invest. Now you need to understand which kind of purchase will be most profitable for you.

First of all, decide what you need a country house: there will live only one owner or a large family with children, or the house will be rented out? Will it be a holiday home? Will you come there all year round, only in the summer or on the weekends? Remember that a clearly defined goal is the key to success in choosing a country house (dacha).

It is important to think in advance of all possible technical parameters of your house: its area and the area of ​​the land, the number of floors and rooms, the quality of the premises and utilities. There is one more important point: Do you want to buy an exclusively finished house to immediately have the opportunity to enter it, or are ready to complete the dacha on your own? Think about what else is important to you:

  • ecology of the region,
  • the presence of a number of forests and reservoirs,
  • transport accessibility (possibility to get both public and private transport),
  • availability and quality of utility networks (electricity, water supply and sewerage, gas supply),
  • social infrastructure (shops, the possibility of obtaining medical assistance, sports and children's institutions).

The suburban real estate market is one of the most difficult because when buying or selling such properties, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances. In addition, because of its specificity, buying a country house or cottage can become economically risky - acting alone, you can buy a poor-quality home or become a victim of scammers. An employee of a real estate agency or a private realtor will help you to understand the situation, pick up options according to your wishes, agree on viewing and go with you, prepare documents and arrange a deal.

What can give a modern man a summer residence or a country house? Priceless moments of rest and tranquility, unity with nature, productive physical work and lots of entertainment in the fresh air.

The Real Estate Portal Orbita23.com will help everyone who wants to become the owner of a beautiful villa in the Bila Tserkva. A huge number of constantly updated ads from individuals and real estate organizations gives an opportunity to find the ideal option for future dacha owners, whether it's a simple plot with a modest construction for an inveterate garden gardener or a large house fully equipped for comfortable living at any time of the year.

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