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Bucha - a prestigious place of residence of the Kyiv region

Yesterday’s settlement, now a city in the Kiev region, got its amazing name either from the river’s name of the same name, or from the fact that Bucha was associated with the name “disturbance, turmoil, fuss”. This is rather strange, since both the river and the city are fairly calm. Once it was just a railway station, a station where a village was formed. The terrain here is simply magnificent - a pine forest, a river, a beautiful landscape, it is not surprising that this place has become a favorite for the residents of the capital. In Bucha located cottages of famous people - writers, artists, musicians. At the moment, the city is inhabited by a little over thirty thousand people. Beautiful park areas, lakes, and forests make Bucha a very attractive city for buying real estate, especially a private house. If you are planning to buy real estate in the Kiev region - pay attention to the options for selling private houses in Bucha. On the Orbita 23 website you will find a sufficient number of active and hot offers for the sale of houses in Bucha.

Buy cheap private house in Bucha

Buy a private house - the dream of many Ukrainians. For many, the impossible. Buying a house means not only getting housing, but also an investment in the future, especially if you make a purchase in a promising, attractive place. Butch is located in such a place. From the city to the center of the capital is only 30 kilometers, this distance separates the sanatorium and resort zone and the capital's bustle. Buying a private house in Bucha is a prospect of living in an ecologically clean place and working in a megacity. Not far from Kiev, it’s easy to get to work, transport links are excellent. If you need to add a drive - you can always find entertainment in the capital, however, in fairness it should be said that the Bucha infrastructure currently offers a lot of outdoor activities for the young generation. Thus, if you are a darling of fortune and you have every opportunity to buy a cheap house in Bucha, we congratulate you. Living in an ecologically clean area, and going to Kiev to work is great. It remains only to choose a house to your taste and wallet.

How to properly and inexpensively choose a private house in Bucha

 To your attention a variety of real estate market offers this town - good houses on the secondary market, offers from developers in newly built houses and cottage towns, the private sector or a manor house with history. What to choose? There are different types of private houses - cottages, mansions, cottages, outbuildings, summer houses for home gardening. Consider all types of private real estate.

Cottage is a small house, which has more or less spacious territory. These houses are not always equipped with utilities - water supply, sewage, gasified. There is not even electricity. If you intend to buy a summer house or a summer house in the suburb of Bucha, you may be satisfied with this option. Such structures are usually located on the territory of cooperatives, garden partnerships. Prices for such objects are quite affordable. On Portal Orbita 23 you can buy a summer village house or a cottage from the owner at a low price.

A cottage is a one or even two-story house, whose area is much larger than that of a summer house — from one hundred and more square meters. To buy a mansard house in Bucha means to look at one and a half-storey cottages, they have a full first floor and residential attic. This is a profitable and convenient option for a family. Cottage house is usually connected to communications - water supply, sewerage. electricity and heating is present. If the cottage is located within the boundaries of Bucha, it can also be used for urban heating.

Buy a mansion in Bucha - is to get the opportunity to live in a house of several floors (two or more), the area of ​​this structure may be more than 300 square meters. If a territory adjoins such an object, then such a house is called a manor. Owning the estate is already status. If you plan to live in the house not all year round, but only in season - pay attention to the proposals for the sale of villas in Bucha.

The cost of houses depends on the type of the building, on the location and degree of livability of the object. Recently, many are eager to buy a house in Bucha, demand is growing and the price is constantly increasing. Therefore, if you intend to buy a private house in Bucha - hurry. This purchase will be primarily a good investment for your family. If you want to live in a territory with modern infrastructure, pay attention to buying a house in a cottage town. As a rule, such townships are erected away from traffic flows, in a quiet green place, the benefit of such in Bucha is enough. Very often, cottage villages adjoin forests, lakes and picturesque landscapes. On the Orbita23.com website you can find the most current sales offers for private houses in Bucha from both owners and intermediaries.

The choice of housing for your family is an important and crucial moment in your life. The presented properties in this section are only the sale of houses in Bucha. If you are interested in the rest of the property, pay attention to the following sections of the website:

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