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Buy a house in Chernigiv (Chernihivs'ka oblast) on Peremohy str.
Peremohy str.
≈ 1 157 200 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
44 000 $

Chernihiv city

Detached house
2 1 Square: 66 m² | 45 m² | 200 m²
Вы ищете дом, в который можно зайти и жить, это как раз дом для вас, очень много плюсов, 4 комнаты, большая кухня, тёплые полы, и что самое бюджетное, это два котла, твердотопливный и под газ, колонка и бойлер, так что звоните, покажем и расскажем.
  • 17 500 hrn/m² 19.07.2019
АН "Черниговская губерния"
Desniaka str.
≈ 631 200 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
24 000 $

Chernihiv city

Semi-detached house
2 0 Square: 88 m² | 60 m² | 3 Hundredth
Продам часть дома в историческом центре Чернигова. Часть дома общей площадью 88 м², материал постройки - дерево. Кровля -шифер. Электричество, газ, вода, в доме. Состояние - жилое.

Заезд для автомобиля + хоз. постройки + большой двор.

Есть возможность использования как жилье на два входа.

Цена: 24 000 у. е. Возможен торг. Также рассматриваем продажу частями.
  • 7 170 hrn/m² 21.06.2019
Магазин Недвижимости "Этажи"
Liubets'ka str.
Price down
≈ 920 500 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
35 000 $

Chernihiv city

Detached house
4 1 Square: 240 m² | 140 m² | 10 Hundredth
Продаётся дом в черте города из деревянного бруса обложен кирпичём прослойка стекловата, блочный фундамент, цокольный этаж, подведен газ, вода, 380 вольт. На участке две переливные ямы по 3 кольца под автономную канализацию. Дом расположен живописном месте в лесу, направление на Любеч.
  • 3 840 hrn/m² 18.06.2019
АН "Квадратный метр"
Zan'kovets'koi str.
≈ 460 300 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
17 500 $

Chernihiv city

Terraced house
2 1 Square: 70 m² | 45 m² | 4 Hundredth
Часть дома по цене 1 комнатной квартиры, 3 комнаты, все удобства в доме, хоз постройки, есть место под гараж, и что еще не маловажно. 4 сотки земли, звоните будем рады показать и рассказать.
  • 6 580 hrn/m² 24.10.2018
АН "Черниговская губерния"
Bilorus'ka str., 9
≈ 1 052 000 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
40 000 $

Chernihiv city, Novozavods'kyi район

Detached house
3 1 Square: 105 m² | 85 m² | 7 Hundredth
Продам дом в г. Чернигов, 4 комнаты, кухня 10 м², 2 котла, газовый и под дрова, 7 соток земли, есть погреб, гараж, хозпостройки.

Звоните, покажем с удовольствием.
  • 10 000 hrn/m² 22.08.2018
АН "Черниговская губерния"

Buy or sell a private house in Chernigiv

Chernigiv is the northernmost regional center of Ukraine

Chernihiv - a city that is filled with landmarks, like a cornucopia. And not only architectural buildings, but also amazing natural structures. The city is located in the north of Ukraine and is the administrative center of the Chernihiv region. It begins its history from 900 years, which is mentioned in the historical manuscript “The Tale of Bygone Years”. The remains of the most famous Prince Igor rest in one of the local churches. The current Chernihiv managed, retaining its former historical grandeur, to remain modern and developed. This small but very green and compact city combines historical charm and modern trends.

How to buy a private house in Chernigiv

Owning a private house in Chernihiv - prestigious. First of all, owning your own home is not only enjoyment of living, but also the most sensible investment in our day. A private house is something that you can always leave for your children or grandchildren. Even if their life situation changes, and they decide to move from Chernigiv to another city or country, this is the same financial safety cushion that will help them. Because private property is always in price, no matter how the market is shaking. Buy a private house in Chernigiv easy. First of all, you need to go to the Internet platform Orbita23. On our site you can choose offers for the sale of private homes from both owners and real estate agents - private brokers, brokers and agencies. What to choose?

First of all, you need to decide on the main parameters: the location of housing, area, price policy, livability, your future plans for it. Do you intend to finish building something, start a farm or is it more important for you to have a bath, sauna, sports or children's playground? Actually, you need to create a purchase project. A kind of business plan, since buying a private house is not a cheap pleasure and it requires a lot of responsibility.

How not to be deceived when buying a private house in Chernigiv. Memo to the buyer

Each person, believing in his own strength and driven by the desire to save, strive to solve all the issues himself. Buy a private house in Chernigiv cheap from the owner - a big success. Especially if it is an urgent announcement. On the one hand, many people are now leaving the country, selling their property (that same airbag) and not planning to delay the sale of the house. So there are ads "urgently selling a private house in Chernigiv inexpensive."

The first thing you need to remember when buying a home: the buyer focuses on all the risks. In the sad case, you can stay after the transaction and without money, and without housing. The real estate market of Ukraine has recently become richer in the number of scammers and it is worth being very careful in the process of the sale transaction.

Second advice: ask your friends who have already purchased a private house in Chernigiv, how the deal took place, what difficulties arose and how they overcame them. Do not rely on the average price for which once bought a house cheaply in a similar area. The situation in the Chernigiv real estate market is constantly fluctuating, the dollar exchange rate falters, there are many factors that are significant in this area. Consider the appropriateness of the amount of investment now. To do this, you should consult a real estate market specialist, the broker or broker about the current situation.

Tip Three: Meet yourself the area in which you plan to buy a private house. Even if it is a suburb (especially if it is a suburb) or nearby villages. Drive on your own, walk through this territory, view all the infrastructure facilities, evaluate their functionality, ask yourself the question: “Am I ready to live in this area, say, 20 years?” Take into account that the city’s districts are changing, and what’s been Yesterday, in remote suburbs, in 10 years it can become a suburb of a large city and there can be a decent road and uninterrupted bus routes. Well, for now, everything is as it is. That is, we say that you will be engaged in the whole strategic planning.

Tip Four: if the owner or broker says that a small repair is needed in the house, take a look at every slot. Feel free to find out what year the building was, when the last time was an upgrade, from what material the wall, what's the foundation. Check all systems - heating (what kind of boiler, what kind of fuel), plumbing, sewage, electricity, wiring condition. The size of the local area inspect personally. First, of course, you will be enough photos. Because you will create the first impression according to the photo. We are actively working with the owners and agents of real estate in Chernigiv and we strongly recommend them to place all the information on the objects being sold truthfully and clearly.

So you're looking at the house on the spot. Find out where your territory is, where your neighbor is, where these borders lie; what exactly belongs to you, in the adjoining territory, and what is an extension, which the neighbor constantly uses, since, for example, it is not legitimized.

Light Five: if in the ad they say that bargaining is possible, start with the first contact by phone. If such information is provided, then there is a reason for this - either the overpriced price was initially, or the question of the urgency of the sale, or some detail that you understand on the spot. Make it clear that you have a certain amount and carefully begin to bargain.

Well, on the spot, see the documents. Does the landlord sell you a house? Or maybe a relative came to show, and in general who is the owner, who is registered? There are many questions, many details, but the clearer your questions are - the clearer and truer you will get the information.

We wish you success in the main purchase of your life. We hope that our online resource will be yours. See you in Orbita23.

The choice of housing for your family is an important and crucial moment in your life. The presented properties in this section are only the sale of houses in Chernigiv. If you are interested in the rest of the property, pay attention to the following sections of the website:

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