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Zakarpats'ka str.
≈ 557 500 ₴
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Kamyans'ke (Dniprodzerzhyns'k) city

Detached house
3 1 Square: 65 m² | 41 m² | 5 Hundredth
Продам добротный дом в г. Каменском (Днепродзержинск) 1968 года постройки. Реконструирован в 2015 г. Общей площадью 65 м². В доме 3 комнаты, кухня, санузел. Выполнен ремонт. Водопровод, газ. Участок 5.05 соток, кадастр. Есть хозпостройки, летняя кухня. Двор огорожен забором, вымощен плиткой. Цена: 19 700 у. е., торг по месту. Возможна РАССРОЧКА.
  • 8 580 ₴/m² 16.07.2021
Installment / Credit
АН "Инвест-Днепр"

Kamianske - forever young city

Kamianske (Dneprodzerzhinsk) is a city in the Sicheslav region, which is located on the Dnieper River and is a major industrial center in eastern Ukraine. The industrial basis of Kamianske is represented by the chemical, metallurgical, coking and food industries. Locals joke that it is forever a young city, because they don’t live to old age. Such black humor from the townspeople has some basis. The environmental situation in the city is very difficult. A large number of active enterprises obviously do not add ecology and cleanliness. However, more than 240 thousand people live and work in the city.

Buy a private house in Kamianske inexpensive without intermediaries

Buy a private house - the desire of many citizens. From time to time, each of us caught himself thinking that buying a private house would be very cool. Indeed, buying a private house not only gives you the opportunity to live in your own territory, but also to make a promising investment. An attractive investment is all that we can pass on to our children. This is a kind of “safety cushion” that will always help out, since private houses always remain at a good price, whatever the metamorphosis of the real estate market. Of course, there are areas and places where the houses are more expensive, there are where they are cheaper, but buying a private house is always a safe and promising investment. Buy a private house in Kamianske - possible. The website Orbita 23 contains all current offers for the sale of private homes from both private realtors and real estate agencies.

If you intend to buy a private house in Kamianske from the owner, without intermediaries, then you will have to carry out the transaction yourself, but at the same time you will be able to save a lot. The percentage of realtor commissions is not less than 4% of the transaction amount, and the cost of private houses is usually quite high, and financial savings can end up being quite impressive.

In which district of Kamianske is better to buy a private house

How to choose the area to buy a private house in Kamianske? Mostly in demand are private houses on the Left Bank of the city. This place is considered to be more environmentally friendly, the air is better here, there is a forest nearby and a reservoir is located nearby. The presence of natural resources slightly levels the by-products of an industrially saturated city. In addition, it is prestigious to buy a private house in the Center, on Lenin Street (Heavenly Hundreds) and not far from this district. Private houses in the center can be classified as secondary housing market.

Good options for cozy and comfortable homes are located near the train station. If you like the home of a new layout in residential complexes - pay attention to the area of ​​the Left Bank. Here are the houses in the cottage. The cost of such housing will be more expensive, but in addition to the ecological advantages of the neighborhood, you will get a modern house, an interesting modern layout, made of durable modern building materials.

In the area of Dneprostroi, new cottage houses from the developer have also appeared. They are very attractive to buyers in terms of planning, infrastructure and location in the neighborhood. And by itself, this area is quite prosperous. Local authorities have finally carried out outdoor lighting of streets, infrastructure is functioning well here.

Buy a private house with a bath in the suburb of Kamianske

If you plan to engage in farmland - pay attention to the proposals for the sale of a private house with an impressive house territory outside the city. Here you can place a greenhouse, create additional buildings, a garage, arrange parking, a playground. Fans of relaxing holidays choose on the real estate sites offers to sell private houses with a bath or a sauna. These are good offers, you will never regret about such a purchase, since the additional construction of a bath will take time, finances and considerable skill. Review and think over all the options, it may be more profitable to purchase a ready-made, well-built house with all the necessary amenities than to carry out additional re-planning and completion.

Buy land in Kamianske for building

If you are a master and have enough time, patience, strength and finances, you can create your own dream home. In this case, contact the Real Estate Portal Orbita23 you need to choose for themselves a suitable land, where you can start building your own house. And then you plan and build everything you want: a bathhouse, a sauna, a sports or a playground, a summer kitchen. Everything will depend only on your preferences and opportunities - financial and temporary. Considering the fact that Dneprodzerzhinsk is industrially saturated, many buyers tend to buy private houses on the outskirts or away from the city. The cost of real estate in the country is somewhat higher and this is justified. However, considering that, on the whole, prices in Kamianske are quite democratic, you can easily find and buy a private house that will delight you and your children and will become not only a haven, but also a good investment. Find your home on Orbita23.com and be happy.

The choice of housing for your family is an important and crucial moment in your life. The presented properties in this section are only the sale of houses in Kamjanske. If you are interested in the rest of the property, pay attention to the following sections of the website:

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