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Buy or sell a private house in Lviv

Lviv in love

In this city, you can fall in love immediately. The railway station is greeted with music, and ancient buildings and architecture immediately immerse themselves in the world of legends, legends and fairy tales. Lviv is a city of coffee and chocolate, festivals and celebrations, street theatrical performances and strict churches. Travel to Lviv - the most popular among residents of Ukraine and foreign tourists. Cobbled streets, paving stones on the sidewalks, unhurried movements of tour groups, small alleys and majestic squares, Gothic cathedrals and synagogues - in this city intertwined cultures of different countries. The townspeople are accustomed to living in the historical center of Western Ukraine, and it seems they do not notice at all the admiration and delight of visitors who roam with cameras without hiding them anywhere. Is that stop to drink a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Coffee shops and restaurants here on every corner and their names are amazing and unusual.

Live here? Of course, and live well. When traveling for holidays or weekends you usually rent an apartment or a house, and if, due to vital or personal circumstances, you are lucky enough to stay in this wonderful city, buying a house in Lviv means settling here for a long time. Because you will not want to leave anywhere. If you intend to buy a house before Lviv - the information of the Port Orbit 23 will help you. On our site you can find offers for buying a house from private property owners, in cottage towns, selling houses from brokers, real estate agencies or private brokers. The choice is huge.

Buy a house in Lviv from the owner

Owning a private home has always been considered an example of wealth, prestige and well-being. It’s right to have a separate plot of land, to be independent of neighbors, city utilities, heating season and public access roads. Your children walk in their own courtyard, you can house your farm, your car is in its parking lot. With additional opportunities there is a place to build a bath or sauna, a sports ground. It is possible to buy a house in Lviv, both with the help of real estate specialists, and without intermediaries, from the owner.

If you choose independent searches, our site will be useful to you, since a large amount of information is constantly concentrated on it, which is constantly updated. On the portal Orbita23 within your budget you can buy a house, a cottage or a mansion in Lviv. Buying a house is a promising investment, this is what you leave as a legacy to children.

How much will it cost to buy a house in Lviv

Buying a house in Lviv can cost you a decent amount, which is formed from several factors - first of all, the location of the mansion, the infrastructure of the area where the house is located, its livability (repairs, design solutions, modern building materials and finishing works), land area and local area. The announcements that are posted on our website are filled with informational details - a description of the objects, a photo of the house itself, the local area, the presence of additional buildings, the price, the description of the area. Thus, you get a kind of virtual tour of the house and you will be easier in choosing to buy your home.

To buy a private house in Lviv is a good bargain, because in addition to the listed benefits, you get a personal space into the property. This is the biggest advantage of a private house or cottage. An apartment, even in a new building, can be quite large, but it is smaller than a private house. In case of need or desire, you can complete, rebuild, improve planning. If you have financial opportunities and waiting time, you can buy a land plot and start building your dream house yourself. Construction teams are now in Lviv enough, and local craftsmen are famous for their professionalism.

If you still want to save money and the options for buying a private house from the owners you did not like, consider buying an unfinished house or a house in which only a rough finish is made. These may be offers from builders, from developers, in cottage townships, or perhaps privately under construction by the owner.

In any case, before you decide on something, you need to decide on your needs, financial capabilities and then, using the Internet site Orbita23.com, you can find exactly what suits you.

In the meantime, you decide - come to Lviv, visit the Lviv chocolate workshop - here you can see how the masters are conjuring over real works of art. If you look at the central market square - pay attention to Lviv kopalny. On the sign of the institution it is written: “To grease I will find Kawa in Sveti." It's true. The coffee here is excellent. Before you go down to the basement and try this amazing drink, you can see all the processes of making coffee - from unpacking bales of grain - to roasting and tasting. The House of Legends, the Masoch Cafe, the drunken House of Robert Doms, Kumpel and the Salo Museum-Restaurant and of course Rebernia will not leave anyone indifferent. Come to Lviv. Buy a house and stay here to live.

The choice of housing for your family is an important and crucial moment in your life. The presented properties in this section are only the sale of houses in Lviv. If you are interested in the rest of the property, pay attention to the following sections of the website:

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On our site there are ads from owners, private realtors, real estate agencies, which in turn can be independent or belong to unions or associations, such as:
Union of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine (SSNU);
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