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Franka Ivana str., 23
≈ 604 900 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
23 000 $

Makariv town

3∙4∙4 Square: 80 m² | 50 m² | 10 m²
Продаю в смт Макарів квартиру загальною площею 80 кв. м, 4/4-поверхового житлового будинку.
Індивідуальне опалення, 2-контурний котел, лічильники.

Недалеко школа, дитячий садок, поряд цілодобовий супермаркет, зупинка маршруток.
  • 7 560 hrn/m² Агентство нерухомості 28.01.2019
Агентство нерухомості
Proektna str., 1
≈ 2 182 900 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
83 000 $

Makariv town

4∙2∙2 Square: 150 m² | 68 m² | 24 m²
Продаю елітну 4-кімнатну квартиру в смт.Макарів, 2/2-поверхового будинку, 150/68/24 кв.м. Сучасний добротний ремонт, величезний балкон, дубові двері, якісна сантехніка, кондиціонери, частково мебльована. Підвальне приміщення 80кв.м, гараж. Недалеко школа, маршрутки на Київ, поряд дитячий садок, річка, парк.
  • 14 600 hrn/m² Агентство нерухомості 28.01.2019
Агентство нерухомості
Franka Ivana str.
≈ 683 800 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
26 000 $

Makariv town

2∙2∙2 Square: 58 m² | 38 m² | 9 m²
Продаю 2-кімнатну квартиру в смт.Макарів , загальна площа - 58, 4 кв.м., житлова - 38, 3 кв.м.( 11 + 27, 3), кухня - 8, 5 кв.м., с/в роздільний, 2 поверх, велика засклена лоджія, газовий котел, лічильники. Є місце для будівництва гаража, невелика грядочка для овочів . Поряд магазин, недалеко зупинка маршруток, школа, дитячий садок. Затишний дворик, порядні сусіди, чистий під"їзд.
  • 11 800 hrn/m² Агентство нерухомості 28.01.2019
Агентство нерухомості
Franka Ivana str., 14
≈ 920 500 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
35 000 $

Makariv town

3∙1∙2 Square: 76 m² | 55 m² | 7 m²
Продаю 3-кімнатну квартиру в смт.Макарів, 1/2 поверхового цегляного будинку,75/55/7 кв.м.,житллові кімнати- 9,3+18,7+27,3кв.м., лоджія - 2,8кв.м., с/в сумісний. Біля будинку є добротний сарай, гараж 6 Х 5м.Будинок розташований біля приватного сектору, тихе, спокійне місце,добрі, порядні сусіди, в 150м від цілодобового супермаркету, недалеко школа, дитячий садок, аптека, запинка маршруток.
  • 12 100 hrn/m² Агентство нерухомості 24.11.2018
Агентство нерухомості

Buy or sell an apartment in Makariv

Buy an apartment in Makarov using Orbita23.com website

Makarov - urban-type settlement. It is located 50 kilometers from the capital of Ukraine and is among the ten most comfortable places to live in the Kiev region. This locality is located in an ecologically clean place, very picturesque and extraordinarily beautiful. To buy an apartment in Makarov is attractive for many precisely for these reasons. If you want to buy a cheap one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment in Makarov - go to the Internet portal Orbita 23 Portal. On our website you can choose various options for buying apartments in Makarov and Makarov district both in the secondary housing market and in the new building.

Buy an apartment in Makarov cheap

If you want to live in a small settlement, at an optimal distance from the metropolis, then buying an apartment in Makarov is inexpensive - the best option for you and your family. To buy an apartment in Makarov on the secondary housing market is quite simple. The cost of two or three bedroom apartments here is quite democratic compared to the cost of real estate in Kiev and other localities of the Kiev region.

The choice of suitable housing in the secondary real estate market Makarova provides primarily the study of infrastructure, transport, price categories. Transport communication Makarov - Kiev is excellent. The capital is located 60 kilometers away, and the people of Kiev are considering with interest the opportunity to buy an apartment in the village, because they are attracted by an affordable price and good transport links. Having moved here, you can safely get to work in Kiev, the journey takes about an hour, by Kiev's standards it is not much. Therefore, taking into account quite reasonable housing prices, capital buyers are quite seriously considering the option of buying and living in this cozy environmentally friendly place. There is no railway station in the village, but regular route taxis run at regular intervals.

Buy an apartment in Makarov on the secondary housing market

There are enterprises in Makarov — a brick, linen, bread factory, the Svitanok factory; social infrastructure is represented by kindergartens, schools, gymnasium, sports school, medical college, libraries, supermarkets and shops. If you are considering buying an apartment on the secondary housing market - pay attention to the options and offers near infrastructure facilities. On the real estate market of Makarov, you can look at both the budget one-room and two-, three-room comfortable apartments. If you need to buy a three- or four-room apartment in Makarov - pay attention to the offers in the center of the settlement, here are mainly concentrated low-rise houses.

Buy an apartment in Makarov without intermediaries

Would you like to buy an apartment in Makarov without intermediaries? Visit the portal Orbita23, our search engine has collected a large number of proposals for the sale of apartments in Makarov from owners. If you are interested in the urgent sale of apartments in Makarov - in the secondary housing market you will find a lot of suitable options. Proposals are presented both from real estate agencies and from homeowners.

Buy an apartment in Makarov from the developer

In Makarov, a very large number of new housing is currently being built. Residential complexes are located directly in the green areas of the village. Ecology here is favorable and comfortable for living and recreation. Since Makarov is located on the river bank, it is very attractive for buyers to live in a new comfortable house practically in the forest green area.

Apartments in new buildings are mainly represented by economy class options. The cost per square meter of housing in such houses is relatively low - from 8 thousand hryvnias. This is much lower than in Kiev or other satellite villages. The picturesque places and unique landscapes of the Makarov district were loved by developers of Ukraine. Residential complexes erected here in large quantities. Developers offer mostly low-rise houses. Such houses are surrounded on all sides by green areas and this does not distort the unique color of these places at all. All residential complexes of Makarov and Makarov district are located near infrastructure facilities - schools, kindergartens, sports clubs, polyclinics. It is very convenient and practical. Buying a property in a fifty-kilometer zone from the capital is an investment-friendly, justified financial investment, since the metropolitan suburbs are constantly expanding and the cost per square meter of housing in this zone is growing every year.

The advantage of buying an apartment in Makarov is an affordable price, a good ecological environment for living, the possibility of permanently being in a green natural zone, the prospect of a financial investment, transport accessibility and good infrastructure of the settlement.

The moment of choosing a dwelling for your family is important and responsible and you need to make it as consciously as possible. In this list of properties is only the sale of apartments in Makariv. If you are interested in other real estate, go to the relevant sections:

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