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  • Ground Floor
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Halyts'koho Danyla str., 16
≈ 718 200 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
26 600 $

Rivne city

2∙10∙10 Square: 58 m² | 25 m² | 23 m²
Продам 2-кімнатну квартиру, з сучасним ремонтом, вул. Д. Галицького, 16. Площа: 58 кв. м, 10/10 цегляний будинок.

Ламінат, натяжні стелі, кахель в санвузлі. Є бойлер. Нові труби, нова електрика. Автономне Електроопалення, дуже економне, є лічильник день/ніч (зимою в межах 1000 грн комунальні послуги).

Будинок утеплений, новий ліфт, зручне розташування в парку, створено ОСББ

Ціна: 26 600 $. Терміновий продаж.
  • 12 400 hrn/m² АН "ВіНер" 27.02.2019
АН "ВіНер"
Drahomanova str., 29
≈ 675 000 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
25 000 $

Rivne city

3∙3∙4 Square: 105 m² | 45 m² | 12 m²
Продам квартири вільного планування
25 000 $

Продам квартири вільного планування, центр міста
  • 6 430 hrn/m² АН "ВіНер" 09.01.2019
АН "ВіНер"
Drahomanova str., 29
≈ 1 050 300 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
38 900 $

Rivne city

2∙5∙5 Attic Floor Square: 63 m² | 35 m² | 12 m²
Продам 2 кімн квартиру з автономним опаленням
38 900 $

Знижка буде дійсна протягом місяця
  • 16 700 hrn/m² АН "ВіНер" 09.01.2019
АН "ВіНер"
Chornovola Vyacheslava str., 60
≈ 1 836 000 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
68 000 $

Rivne city

2∙7∙10 Square: 60 m² | 25 m² | 25 m²
Екслюзивна пропозиція. Продам стильну квартиру з дорогим ремонтом.
Новобудова в центрі міста ЖК Набережний квартал, вигляд з вікон на парк, зручне розташування будинку, поруч кафе, пекарня, ресторани, зупинки і тд.
В дворі є парковка для автомобіля, будинок вже заселений, тому шум від ремонтних робіт відсутній. Новий та великий ліфт.

Квартира розташована на 7 поверсі з 11. Площа квартири 59 кв.м.
Велика кухня студія з панорамними вікнами 23 кв. м, затишна спальня 22 кв. м, санвузол та гардеробна. Вмонтована кухня з добротних матеріалів, скляний фартух. Дороговартісна та надійна побутова техніка. Автономне газове опалення, всюди є підігрів підлоги.

Квартира не кутова, взимку економна в оплаті комунальних послуг. Є лічильники на воду, газ, електроенергію. В будинку створено ОСББ.

Квартира продається разом з дорогими меблями та технікою. В бонус до квартири ще є кладовка на поверсі 2 кв. м.

В квартирі продумана кожна дрібничка, зроблено зі смаком.
Дуже затишна та світла квартира не залишить Вас байдужими, телефонуйте та домовляйтесь про огляд.
  • 30 600 hrn/m² АН "ВіНер" 15.11.2018
АН "ВіНер"
Halyts'koho Danyla str., 16
≈ 607 500 hrn
Заявленная стоимость:
22 500 $

Rivne city

Studio∙7∙10 Square: 35 m² | 18 m² | 7 m²
Продам 1 кім квартиру вул. Д. Галицького, 16, після ремонту. Площа: 34.5 кв.м.
Квартира не кутова. Кухня відділена від кімнати, є балкон. Сучасний кахель в санвузлі, бойлер. Зонований електролічильник день/ніч. Залишаються меблі.

Дуже економна та тепла квартира для проживання молодої подружньої пари.

Ціна: 22 500 у. о.
  • 17 400 hrn/m² АН "ВіНер" 15.11.2018
АН "ВіНер"

Buy or sell an apartment in Rivne

To buy an apartment in Rivne cheap site Orbita23

Exactly - quite compact, small green city in the north-western part of Ukraine. This regional center is not very burdened with industry, but it has many other advantages. One of them is that according to the survey results, Rivne is among the five best cities in Ukraine for the comfort of living. If you decide to stay in this city - to buy an apartment in Rivne is not difficult. Recently, the Ukrainian real estate market has slipped a bit, and in Rovno the situation is the same. Apartment prices have ceased to be exorbitant, there are many new buildings. There are enough offers to buy apartments in Rovno, by contacting the Internet portal Orbita 23 you can find a large number of options for buying an apartment in Rovno in any area of ​​this cozy city. If you intend to buy an apartment in the regional center, pay attention primarily to the areas that are located near infrastructure facilities - kindergartens, schools, shops and medical facilities.

Buying an apartment in Rivne without intermediaries

How to buy an apartment in Rivne without intermediaries? On specialized Internet sites such as Orbit23, you can choose the options for buying an apartment without intermediaries cheaply in the secondary housing market. Thus, you can save on commissions and find an apartment on your own. Proposals from owners are present in different areas of the city. In our catalog you can view apartments in the area of ​​Mototreka, Bus Station, on the Jubilee, not far from parks or squares. If you are a family man, your children will surely like an apartment in the area near the zoo or dendropark. Here you can watch a great three or four-bedroom apartment on the secondary housing market. Everything will depend only on the requirements that you have formed when choosing housing - the availability of infrastructure, stadiums, clubs and supermarkets, the requirements for the area, the internal state of housing, its footage, number of floors, number of rooms, your financial capabilities. A multifunctional search and filter system on our site will help you quickly find a suitable apartment in Rivne.

Buy an apartment cheap in Rivne from the developer

The advantages of buying an apartment from the developer primarily consist in the fact that you get an apartment with a convenient layout, energy-saving technologies, a well-developed house territory, video-controlled entrances, parking. And always strong nerves. Since, despite the fact that the apartments are rented in the new house, they are almost finished, they need some finishing work. And at the same time they occur in all populated. This is not very favorable for families with small children. For a while, cement and whitewash in the stairwell, a continuously working drill, ongoing work in the yard, will bother. For some, this is not a hindrance, but it is worth considering this factor in the process of finding and buying an apartment in the new building. An indisputable advantage of buying an apartment in a new house is the possibility of buying an apartment on credit from the developer, both at the construction stage and in a house already rented out. The mortgage lending market in Ukraine does not work as effectively as five years ago and buying an apartment on credit from a developer is an outlet for many young families who are not afraid of repair work in exchange for comfortable, modern housing.

In which area exactly to buy an apartment cheap

New buildings are presented in almost all areas of Rivne. Prices per square meter in rented houses vary depending on the area (center or suburb) and the class of housing. As a rule, apartments from economy class to luxury housing are offered in the new building. The whole difference in the infrastructure of the complex, the availability of additional options for comfort. In the real estate market, new buildings in Rivne can be purchased from spacious one-bedroom apartments (they are traditionally larger than standard ones on the secondary market), to two-level elite-class apartments. If you wish, you can choose an apartment to your liking and material possibilities. If you do not like high-rise buildings - in Rovno there is a low-rise new building. Such apartments are loved by those who prefer comfort, peace and quiet. Yes, and neighbors, conducting additional repairs are much smaller. The real estate market in Rivne offers a large number of buying and selling apartments in new houses. On our site you can find links to developers' companies, owners of residential complexes, where you can view all the typical layouts of one-room, two-room and three-room apartments both in a house under construction and at the stage of laying the foundation pit.

If you decide to buy an apartment in Rovno in a remote area - the transport communication of this city is well established, and you can easily move. Traditionally, the most popular apartments in Rovno are near recreational areas - parks, squares and ponds. It is pleasant to be in a picturesque area, to breathe clean air and at the same time to be in an area with developed infrastructure.

The moment of choosing a dwelling for your family is important and responsible and you need to make it as consciously as possible. In this list of properties is only the sale of apartments in Rivne. If you are interested in other real estate, go to the relevant sections:

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