Our services

For private owners

Description Standard
Fee for 30 days Free
The number of ads 3

Additional advertisement options

Description Price
Bolding an ad in a frame, 30 days 0.8 USD
Raising an ad 0.2 USD

Flag options - (a highly visible marker at the upper-left corner)

Name Description Duration Price
Top   30 days 0.8 USD
Exclusive Realtors only
New price Removed automatically after 30 days of price change
New The new object in the database. Assigned and removed automatically 7 days -
Special offer Developers only 30 days 2 USD

Realtor Plans - (designed specifically for realtors)

Description Realtor Realtor Premium
License fee, 30 days Free 8 USD
The number of free ads
Access to the statistical database of the portal + +
Color highlight in the catalog of Realtors - +
Gold marker on the card - +
„Premium” mark - +
Other ads of a realtor on the real estate page - +

REA Plans - (designed specifically for real estate agencies)

Description REA REA Premium
License fee, 30 days Free[1] 4 USD
The maximum number of agents in the REA
Automatic application of the watermark with a logo of your REA + +
A REA Logo in the brief description of the object - +
Color highlight in REA catalog - +
Gold marker on the card - +
„Premium” mark - +

[1] – It is necessary and sufficient to have any active Realtor account to open a REA.

DC Plans - (designed for Constraction & Development companies)

Description DEV Standart DEV Premium
Fee for 1 object, 30 days 8 USD 20 USD
Minimum CPC 0,004 USD 0,002 USD
Presentation of announcement of a new building after depletion of a daily limit (the ad falls to the bottom of the list) - +
The number of free ads in the main catalog[1]
Registration in the developers catalog + +
Creating of a house cards + +
„Special offer” flaf 4 USD 4 USD
E-mail newsletter to subscribers of a portal - +
Publication of news in social networks of a portal - +
Publication in the news feed and the forum of a portal - +

[1] – Only about represented objects.

The Rating system of determining the locations on the basis of payment per click works in the Premium Ads Zone. The user chooses a reasonable price per click, time of displaying the ad, a daily budget of expenses. The higher the PPC in the given period of time, the higher the ad is situated in the catalog.