About us

Orbita23.com is a service system for the real estate market, where buyers and sellers find each other in a few clicks.

We were united by a simple idea - to make a convenient and simple site for finding a future place to live or work. Studying the processes taking place in the real estate market of Ukraine, we have developed a concept of a service capable of harmonizing relations between all market participants.

Our goal is to unite the market, create a high-quality socially responsible product that helps to increase the number of transactions, save time and money, and assist in making informed decisions.

Our mission - we strive to introduce advanced work standards, uniform rules, principles and relationships between realtors and clients in Ukraine. And we are not afraid to tackle the most difficult thing - to implement the principle “One seller - one realtor”. To this end, we are ready for new initiatives: training for realtors, the introduction of a single agreement between the realtor and the seller, providing technical assistance in identifying unscrupulous market players.