Frequently asked questions

1. I am a private seller. Is the listing of properties free of charge?

Answer: Yes. Any owner or his representative can list his property for sale or rent for free.

2. I want to place multiple objects. Are there any restrictions?

Answer: You can place up to 3 objects on one account for free.

3. Can I advertise my properties?

Answer: Yes. Paid promotion options are available on the site. You can "lift" objects in the directory by updating the sort date - your object will move to the highest position and receive more views. Options for attracting attention are also available: highlighting the ad in a frame, flagging it, pinning it to the top of the list. You can find more detailed information on the Paid services page.

4. Why is it better to raise your ad than to re-place it?

Answer: In addition to our site, your object is hosted on partner sites. It could be added to favorites, recorded ID, send a link or share with someone on social networks or instant messengers. After you delete your ad, it will become inaccessible to all users, which means you will lose contact both with those who follow these links and with those who have not yet contacted, but have noticed your object.

5. Can I do republishing?

Answer: Repeated publications (duplicates) without deleting the old ad are prohibited, since this does not make any sense, and also spoils the quality of the data on the site and the convenience of working with it.

6. Is it obligatory to post a photo?

Answer: It is highly desirable to post photos regardless of the state of the object. Ads with photos attract up to 3x more views and potential customers will have to bother you less, as they will most likely ask you to show them. Take high-quality photos, try not to use portrait mode (vertical photo) and collages (several photos in one).

7. What to write in the description and how large will the text be acceptable?

Answer: Prepare a text about your object - you need to present it as best as possible, show the best sides and not forget to talk about problems (even if not in the text of the ad, but for a meeting), because everything that you will appear on viewing or checking documents did not say. Sincerity is the key to trust. And for posting on the site, it will be enough to tell:

  •     where is located, address;
  •     indicate the main parameters: floor, area, number of rooms, when the repair was made;
  •     what is inside;
  •     describe the yard, house;
  •     about the location, how far is it to schools, shops and kindergartens, public transport stops;

8. How to determine the price of an object?

Answer: Look at the prices for similar properties on the market. Study trends, read analytical materials on our website and in other sources. You can contact specialists: order a service from property appraisers, consult with realtors or contact them for help in organizing a sale / rent, if it is difficult or not convenient for you to conduct it yourself.

9. How quickly does the property sell?

Answer: There are many parameters that affect the speed of a deal. Here are the main ones: adequate price, availability of demand and liquidity of the object. Most transactions for highly liquid properties are concluded within 3 months. The higher the individuality, the more difficult it is to find your buyer.

10. You have no other categories of goods, only real estate. Fewer people will see my subject.

Answer: We are a specialized portal for real estate. It is to us that the target audience comes, besides, the capabilities of our site make it easier and faster to find real estate objects and monitor the market as a whole.

11. I want to find a specialist and not sell myself. How should I do it?

Answer: We have two registers on our website: real estate agencies and realtors. You can choose the specialist you like in your region.

12. How much do specialists' services cost?

Answer: It depends on the terms of your contract. Under sales agreements: from 2 to 6%, rent: from 50 to 100%.

13. Who pays the commission: the seller or the buyer?

Answer: It also depends on the contract, but payment for services by those who ordered them is considered the norm.

Realtors' questions:

1. Do you have your own real estate agency?

Answer: No. We are not your competitors, we do not trade in information and do not provide exclusive services for a fee.

2. Do you need to indicate your real name, surname, post your photo on your website?

Answer: Yes, we are striving to build a civilized market. First of all, your first and last name is your personal brand. And going into your profile, people want to see what kind of person you are, whether they can trust you and do business with you. And the photo must be real: yours, personal. After all, what kind of trust can we talk about if the client does not know who he is dealing with, and at stake is probably the biggest deal of his life?

3. What is the cost of placement?

Answer: We have a shareware model of work. Accommodation is free, without any restrictions quality of objects. There are paid options for advertising and promotion.

If you have not found answers to your questions, please contact us and we will try to help you!