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Land for sale, Gaek microdistrict, Bila Tserkva Kyivs'ka region, id: 522

Gaek microdistrict

Bila Tserkva city, Kyivs'ka region

380 000
Declared Value: 10 000 $
Buy land in Bila Tserkva (Kyivs'ka region) on Gaek microdistrict
Purpose: For Residential and Public Building
Lot size: 10

Продам участок между Гайком и Фурсами 10-сот приватизована 10000уе торг

Main info:

Purpose: For Residential and Public Building
Price: ≈ 380 000 ₴
Lot size: 10 m²

Additional Information:

No additional information

Information about the listing:

Realtor: Вера Белан
Agency: АН "Світ Нерухомості"
Publication date: 18.11.2016
Modification date: 30.05.2018
Views: 701
ID: 522
Status: Deleted
Section: Buy


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Text message:
Brokered by
Вера Белан
Вера Белан
АН "Світ Нерухомості"
Was online 30.01
Bila Tserkva city, Kyivs'ka region
+38 067 496-63-16
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